Tools of the trade – Part 1

Tools of the Trade

Decided to spend an afternoon in the Studio today, partly to escape a room full of blokes who had taken over my lounge to watch the rugby!  (It’s OK, I did know them!).

I use a range of techniques to dye – handpainting, dip dying, speckle dying – but my overall  favourite has to be kettle dying.  Essentially, the dye is applied to the yarn whilst in water a pot  and then heated until the dye sets and the water runs clear.  My portable induction hob and fish kettle get a lot of use.

Here is a pic from this afternoon, showing the colourway “Fireworks” in progress.  Skeins are partially pre-dyed with a deep black, and then dyed a second time with bright colours to fill in the blanks.  Love it!

Hand dyed sock yarn

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The PDY Studio in Tideswell will be closed between 10th August and 17th August due to family stuff. Open again as normal from Friday 18th Aug.

Any website orders placed when the Studio is closed will be despatched on Monday 21st Aug.

Happy knitting!